Manzoli Statement on Christy Mihos “Candidacy” for U.S.Senate

I ‘spoke’ via email with Joe Manzoli, Christy Mihos Field Director, in an attempt to get a ‘final answer’ and with permission post here his full statement on Christy Miho’s intentions:

In Christy’s own words “there is no change in my heart.  I am running for Governor.”

It would make sense to seek out candidates who have millions at their disposal to run for the US Senate office and who have high name recognition.

It would also make sense to “consider” running in a short election cycle rather than in a protracted campaign involving a convention, a primary and a general election over the next 14 months.

It is flattering that national people would pump millions into this race but the fact is what Christy believes in his heart to be true.  

The democrat field is getting really crowded and the republican field is very skinny at best.

The fact is we have no real farm team in the Republican Party. Like a lot of things in politics, people are looking for a viable senate candidate – Curt Shilling – Scott Brown – Christy Mihos  – anyone.

Curt Shilling is a registered independent so he can not run as a Republican.

So feelers go out and that’s the story.  Christy Mihos is in this race for Governor to get our state and our party back on track!

So there you have it, Mihos is NOT a candidate for U.S. Senate.

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