MA Republicans decry budget cuts, look for bottomless cup

So in their frenzied attacks at anything Democratic, the Republican Senators, in the middle of a state budget crisis, criticized the Patrick Administration of cutting a jobs training program.  You can argue all you want about how these are the kinds of things government should be investing in (actually, a liberal like me would be making that case, most here are anti government anything), but there are many many programs being cut…many that either generate tax revenues in the long run and save money.  But in this budgetary times, cuts have to be made.  

Yet the Republicans want their cake (whining about uncontrolled govt spending) and eat it to (by complaining about the cuts the Governor is making.

And to pile on the political hypocrisy of the Republicans (you can’t take the high road on things like the Senate appointment, when you’re in the mud yourself) they point out that the program was funded from a surcharge of employers unemployment “insurance”.  IS that the same unemployment TAX that Republicans are saying are the highest in the country and needs to be lowered…when it fits there agenda to say so…?  

This two-facedness is a perfect example of why Republican legislators are as intellectually corrupted as their Democratic peers.    

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