It’s All About Healthcare and Whatever Happened to the GIC

Hard to miss the healthcare dialog that is tearing apart this country. The left says let’s make radical change presumably so we can bring necessary efficiencies and associated cost saving to an economy in need of help. The right says slow down, we like our doctors, and we don’t trust the goverment to get it correct.

In the Commonwealth a five year old law is being considered for reversal in order that Deval Patrick might send Mike Dukakis to Washington just in time to bring 60 votes to the Senate so that we get all that efficiency and savings. Cries of hypocrisy come from Reps Jones et al in response to blatant hypocrisy.

So what the F is the point? During the Patrick administration the GIC legislation that would have saved the Commonwealth tens of millions of dollars was kicked from one piece of legislation to the next. Probably 1,000s of public sector jobs would have been saved if the GIC were mandated. Each time the presumed intent was to make it “easier” for municipalities to coordinate with public sector unions so that everyone would be happy. Well guess what? It didn’t work. Why, because Deval et al were so worried about the backlash from fireman, cops, and teachers.

So tell me again what the priority is? Is it to save money, save jobs, add efficiencies, or are those just federal and national goals? What happened here in Massachusetts? Yes, politics and good old fashioned “caving in” to unions ruled the day. The GIC legislation still sucks. It may be worse today than it was before they started kicking the can down the hill. Just another in the long line of missed opportunities to bring common sense efficiencies to the Commonwealth. Thanks go to Deval, Sal (remember him), Madame M, and Bobby D. Go to hell Mr. and Ms. Taxpayer.





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