“I pledge to be a Servant to our President.”

Wearing “Obama 08” T-Shirts..

“I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama.”

“I pledge to be a servant to our President.”

Many people were up in arms over the idea of children pledging allegiance “to the flag of the United States and to the Republic for which it stands.”  That’s understandable.  I love my country, but the government should not be forcing people to say so.  However, promoting patriotism towards our nation of laws is very different than pledging to be the servant of a single man.  

We are not a monarchy.  We are not a dictatorship.  We don’t put pictures of our President on our money, nor pictures of anyone living.  I am personally uncomfortable with the government ever naming things after people while they are still alive.  A have to ask, what is the purpose of this video being forced on kids in the public schools?  Taking loyalty oaths to a single man?  I had had predicted this a year ago I would have written off as some conspiracy nut job.  Now, well, here we are.


Eabo first addressed this indoctrination here: http://redmassgroup.com/di…

“The Simpsons” addressed this issue below.

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  • Think this is the best response video:

    favorite quote:

    “Thank you for caring about these issues, like all the time.. and not just in youtube videos”

    “Celebrities show that they care about the important issues by putting on shows that help America – like Gossip Girls”

  • benwetmore

    And not to be bitchy, but you linked this to the right previous topic — one’s relationship to the state.  A nation cultivated to dumb itself down and be subordinate to the state’s directives is ‘pledging’ the same fealty to all the inane priorities of our aristocratic elites.

    I had asked before who the pledge of allegiance was directed to, people gave silly answers like “the flag” and “the Republic” but this shows what it is really to: our resident tyrant.

    This video is the fulfillment of that, the natural extension of the same socialist tendencies which motivates the pledge of allegiance.  The unification of political will behind one man who will enact collective dictates.

    We’re becoming a latin american sham democracy.  I pledge to fight that.  I pledge to hate communists.  I pledge to kill reds when I get the right opportunity.  I pledge to smear their blood on my face as I shout “wolverines!”  I pledge to hurt them every chance I get.

  • My feeling is that things like this have basically been done before.  Maybe a president has never directly spoken to students as Obama is doing, but president’s have aimed messages at students before.  

    The first thing I thought of was the Challenger disaster.  The reason we were going to shoot a teacher into space was to get kids excited about science, right?  Next is the “Just Say No” campaign.  That was plain example of indoctrination.  One example of presidential authority being exerted on students is one that my father told me stories about.  Someone describes it on the comment thread concerning this topic over at Crunchy Con:


    sigaliris @ September 3, 2009 6:01 PM, “Does anyone remember the President’s Challenge Physical Fitness Awards? Founded by Dwight D. Eisenhower–a Republican–these fitness tests certainly made my young life hell back in the fifties and sixties. And boy did I let the President himself down, by failing to do chin-ups through several administrations.”

    I very clearly remember struggling with the chin-ups. The teacher had a card for each student for the number of sit-ups, push-ups, etc. If someone did well on the test, they received a President’s patch. I never received a patch.

    If you couldn’t do your chin-ups, the Soviets won.