How Can YOU Help Scott Brown?

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Obviously the Democratic senatorial primary for this special election is going to be very expensive for them. This poses both a problem and and an opportunity for the GOP in waiting.

The problem is that the majority of voters who are apolitical (hopefully the signs are correct that those numbers are dwindling and folks are paying attention) are going to follow this primary and pick a side. This formula greatly helped Deval Patrick and helped to neutralized Kerry Healey in ’06.

What the GOP needs to do is keep Scott Brown in the minds of the voters while the heavy infighting goes on between now and December when the primary ends.

We do not have to spend as much as the Democrats but be certain that almost anyone who comes out of that brawl will still be loaded for bear in their finances. Coakley is the front runner with cash and a statewide campaign force in place but her record is awful. Capuano is as liberal as any in the race and is happy to remind voters with expensive ads starting last week. Celtics part owner Steven Pagliuca, who likes capitalism for his own account but I’m not sure about  yours, is in the fold. There are a couple of others (Khazei & a guy named Kennedy, no relation) but they are long shots at best.

Assuming Scott gets the signatures, the next step is to grow his presense and steadily. We should expect no help from the local Dem controlled media. I couldn’t help but notice that when Boston’s Channel 7 decided to show the Republican contenders, they showed Canton’s Selectman Robert Burr before Scott Brown in each of the telecasts I have watched so far. Why is that? Alphabetically, Brown comes before Burr. Brown is widely presumed as the front runner. Maybe I’m choking on a gnat here but I think squeaking the wheel is a good idea.

To date, Coakley is going to defeat Scott Brown by 30 points in  the polls.

His name is the key. There is a pendulum swing to center right. We helped to cause it and we need to ride it.

Fundraisers. They should be fun and frequent and should target the demographs where we are weak.

Mr. Brown will only win if people learn about him and he will be trying to cup his hands and shout over the proverbial megaphone of Coakley’s well financed P.A. system.

* Emailers..can’t have enough of them

* Comedy Nights (Laugh at and with this idea. I made $5,500 in one night for a little league all-star team with tix only $10!)

* Rent halls with bands and have auctions, raffles and guest speakers

* Gala Events

* BBQs

These ideas are not new to the veterans but for you folks who want to help, can organize but don’t know how to help.

Don’t be afraid to call for MassGOP brass assistance.

Do not hope others do this, it is up to YOU.

We can either get outhustled by the Democrats again or match them with energy.

We’ve always had better the better message but not the delivery system.

$$$$$$$$$$$$ is the key. Now go and raise it. Reserve the halls today. Book talent today. Send out emails today.  

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