Gov Patrick: “This is a State of Emergency…now the next order of business: The Fluffernutter Bill

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I mean you can’t really make something this ridiculous up. Grisham, Tolkien, Grimm..maybe but you and I probably can’t. Governor Patrick declared the absense of a senator in Washington as equating a state of emergency worthy of usurping a state law that allows for a 90 day buffer between signature of a bill and the day it becomes law and so, appointed Paul Kirk Jr. as the next US Senator to represent the Bay State.

* Please notice the liberal media under-reporting Kirk’s role as a pharmaceutical lobbyist for a multi billion dollar corporation. As he put it yesterday at the conference, “That was at he turn of the century…2002.” Ya. that goes w-a-a-ay back. ($5 bucks says bluemassgroup shows another photo of Rumsfeld shaking Saddam Hussein’s hand in 1981 “proving” the Hussein/Neocon link before the year is up)

In 2004 when Senator Kerry was running for president, he voted a total of 8% of the time. Keep in mind this is while things in Iraq were spiraling downward. Still, Democrats in legislature felt the slower path to representation was the better thing for the state and removed the governor’s ability to appoint.

Since then, I was not able to prove senator Kerry has voted better than 58% on every bill through May of ’09. Senator Ted Kennedy, incapable of voting due to his terminal illness missed all votes after February and there was no sense of urgency mentioned by the governor of Massachusetts even through August of this year.

Now, as of yesterday, governor Patrick issued a legal maneuver declaring Massachusetts in a “state of emergency” since it was “under-represented”. An emergency so desperate that at the same press conference, a discussion began about the offical state sandwich bill. The Fluffernutter.

Not for nothing but did you notice that our governor specified the reasons Kirk was needed to vote in Washington? Global Warming and Healthcare. According to most polls, these are two items the majority of Americans are not in line with Obama administration.

I couldn’t help but notice that Deval Patrick not once mentioned the importance of having the Massachusetts representation to support our troops in the event of emergency military funding allocations were necessary.

How many thousands of Massachusetts sons and daughters are in harms way so that this Pantywaist can rub the minority party’s noses in the dirt and laugh at the law for the priority of the liberal agenda?

Of course ‘Last to arrive – First to leave’ Kerry provided the comedy relief when he suddenly had a flight to catch. He looked like a labratory rat trying to negotiate a maze while trying to escape the make-shift stage for the press conference. Never have two men looked so nerdy and lily white than when Patrick and Kerry said good bye with a handshake Lambda Lamba Lambda would have frowned upon. Maybe, Kerry was feeling like he just abetted a robbery. For once we agree.

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