Firearm Permits/Geography & Keeping Ammo In Stock

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Here’s an excerpt from today’s edition of the New Bedford Standard-Times.  Gee, do you think that a reason why those citizens living in cities like New Bedford may apply for less firearms permits might be due to the common knowledge that they’ll be wasting their time & money as the cities have a bias against issuing such permits?!

Thankfully, this NRA & GOAL member obtained his first firearms permit & renewal as a Dartmouth resident.

Walk down any street in New Bedford and the odds of running into a resident licensed to carry a gun are roughly 1 in 40.

Stroll down a country road in Rochester (be careful; there are no sidewalks), and the chances increase to about 1 in 6.

While the Whaling City may be widely viewed as the area’s capital of illegal weapons, a far, far smaller percentage of the adults who live there are licensed to carry a firearm than in any surrounding community.

And the more rural the SouthCoast town, the more likely its residents are to hold a state license to carry.…

A related article from the Standard-Times is something that I see daily at work: the inability of stores to keep ammo in stock!

Ironically, Barack Obama and his Democratic majority in Congress have been a godsend for an industry they say they’d love to cripple: the manufacture and sales of guns.

While the jury is still out on the success of the new administration’s efforts to revive the sinking economy, the gun industry has experienced a period of unprecedented success, even in tightly-regulated Massachusetts, since the sweeping Democratic victories of last November.

The numbers are beginning to flatten, but gun manufacturer Sturm Ruger & Co. reported that its sales rose by 67 percent in the first half of 2009, and local gun shops say business increased by as much as 90 percent.

“President Obama is the greatest gun salesman ever,” said Richie Pacheco, owner of Richie’s Sporting Supply in Westport.…

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