Disturbing Display Of State Power

While the G20 Meetings were going on in Pittsburgh a disturbing show of state power was going on in the streets of Pittsburgh. Groups from around the country went to Pittsburgh this week to protest numerous causes ranging from their belief in a New World Order conspiracy to capitalism in general to China’s treatment of ethnic minorities. The protests were overwhelming peaceful yet the response by the police to such a small number of people seems almost brutal.

I am sure there are some who just see these people as dirty hippies or radical anarchists bent on breaking things and will dismiss these videos as nothing but people getting what they deserve. I urge you though to look further. Look at the equipment, the tactics, the firepower, and general – dare I say – imperial look of the police officers. For a minute I thought I was viewing images of protests in Honduras or Iran or heck even Robocop.

This is not to imply that I support the actions or motives of the demonstrators at all.

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