Did Andy Card cost Charlie Barker a $5 million Primary?

OK, I got no facts, just speculation and if Andy Card just says”Hi” at tonights State Committee meeting, I’ll delete this post.  But there has to be more to the story of Christy Mihos’ “out / in / out” of the Senate race, and I’m gonna speculate what that story is…

For a long time, many of the Republican powers that be wanted Christy out of the Governor’s race.  The pressure intensified and the Senate seat looked real good to Christy.  But for Christy to give Charlie a free ride in September, Christy needed a free ride in the Senate Primary (sure, Scott Brown could run, but his fundraising would be frozen and Christy wins in a breeze).  It must of seemed like a done deal by last night, with the Mihos campaign issues a statement indicating a strong lean into the Senate race.  

But apparently Andy Card and Ron Kaufman did not get the memo and Andy intends to run, tapping his considerable network for fundraising, and will announce his intention tonight.  So Christy realizes he’ll have a tough (and expensive) Republican primary–one way or another–and decides to stick with the office he really really wants.

Personally I think Christy has a better shot at the Senate seat then Andy.  Yes he’s a nice guy and would be a better Senator then Christy (in fact, he could be a great Senator) but the Bush stigma is to strong, he is close to unelectable around here.  

Sorry Charlie, back to the dialing for dollars, $500 at a time.    

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