Detective Columbo Would Say To Rep. Rodrigues, “Ah, there was just one more thing…”

While researching this tax fleeing hypocrite Mike Rodrigues of Westport, I happened to look back at some of his legislation and focused on the bill that he presented that favored indicted Richard Vitale. You recall the ticket scalping bill that got DiMasi in trouble? Guess who authored it.

According to the Boston Globe in an article written by Andrea Estes on November 26, 2008 when questioned by AG investigators, Rodrigues stated that “he had

never spoken to Vitale or had even heard of him until the first Globe report

appeared last April
(2008). ”

According to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (OFPC), Richard Vitale, a Charlestown resident, donated $100.00 to Westport Rep. Michael Rodrigues on December 21, 2007.

12/21/2007   Vitale, Richard D

80 City Square Charlestown, MA 02129 CPA

Vitale Caturano Rodrigues, Michael J. $100.00

Is that proof of criminal collaboration? No. Is it an indication Rodrigues and his dealings around this bill needs to be looked at closer? Absolutely.

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