Dems Votes Will Not Go Unnoticed in 2010…

As the Massachusetts legislature today considers U.S. Senate vacancy legislation (House No. 4246) the Massachusetts Republican Party is reminding Democrat legislators that their votes will not go unnoticed in the 2010 election cycle.

Beacon Hill Democrats have taken a series of bad votes in 2009 that have empowered corruption and assaulted small businesses. Now they are attempting to manipulate of our state’s election law…

Representative Stephen Smith, a Democrat of Everett, said it best in today’s Boston Globe: “I feel very, very badly by anyone who is going to be challenged by a Republican in the next election.”

In addition, Sen. Jack Hart told State House News yesterday: “The people of Massachusetts, I think, will revolt over this thing if it takes place…This is the possible proverbial straw that might break the camel’s back in terms of the public trust in us.”

The MassGOP urges citizens to take notice of irresponsible voting records and hold their legislators accountable. Did your state representative:

1.) Vote for the Re-Election of a Federally Indicted Massachusetts Speaker(s) of the House?

2.) Vote to Raise the Massachusetts Sales Tax By 25% and Increase the Tax on Alcohol?

3.) Vote for a Change to Existing Election Law in Order to Keep One Political Party in Power?

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  • Festus Garvey

    First you presume that Massachusetts voters oppose the effort of the Legislature to insure we maintain two votes in the US Senate.  I’m not sure why you, and other Republicans, feel that way, especially in light of the Suffolk poll just released that indicates 55 % of voters surveyed support an interim appointment.

    The other major flaw in your post, given the history of legislative elections in the state, is you assume that Democrats will have Republican opponents in 2010.  Given that only a handful of Republican challengers have opposed Democratic incumbents in the last few election cycles, there is a very low probability of a ground swell of Republicans challenging Democrats in 2010.  To paraphrase Rep Smith, who you quote above, “I feel it is very, very unlikely anyone is going to be challenged by a Republican in the next election.”  

    (And, as I’ve stated at RMG a few times, nothing would make me happier than a strong and viable Republican Party that fields an aggressive slate of Legislative candidates to check the unfettered power of the Legislature.  But there is no reality-based evidence that will occur.)

    Finally, I am sadden to see that you engage in the kind of “half-truth” political rhetoric that distorts reasonable public discourse and I would think someone in your position would be more careful with your words.  While I am no fan of Sal DiMaisi or the practices of the Legislature (on this we would have much to agree on), your wording above is intended to imply that Democratic State Reps voted to re-elect Sal AFTER he was indicted, when in fact that was not the case.  (Yes, they voted to re-elect a Speaker after serious revelations of breech of trust on his part–but as the leader of a major Political Party in this state, I think you’d want to be held to a modest bench mark of rhetorical honesty.)