Conversations with Charlie

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The Baker campaign has just launched a new feature on their website called Conversations with Charlie.  Here is his first installment as he answers the question: Is the state spending our tax dollars effectively?

Got a question for Charlie? He’d like to give you answers. Let’s start a Conversation. Email your written or video question to:

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  • Festus Garvey

    …the paging of Charlie Baker for more than just slogans, given he’s running on knowing state gov. inside and out.

  • The shaky cam is a bit much too.


    The Baker for Governor campaign today launched “Conversations with Charlie,” an on-line policy forum that solicits and answers questions from voters about Baker’s views on issues facing Massachusetts. Baker will provide unscripted answers to voter-submitted questions and other policy questions on weekly basis at his web site and at public meetings and forums throughout the state.

    “I want to hear from voters so we can start a conversation about the direction of our state and the important issues we face,” said Baker. “I look forward to receiving their questions via email and video-with technology we can converse more than ever–but also to continuing the conversation in person at upcoming meetings and forums as I travel around the state.”

    In his first video, available at Baker answers the question: “Is state government spending our tax dollars effectively?” Said Baker, “It is especially appropriate to address the question of spending, since budget watchdogs are predicting a deficit of half-a-billion dollars or more less than three months into the state fiscal year. Instead of cutting the number of state employees or implementing a hiring freeze, Governor Patrick has hired thousands of new state employees and proposed pay raises. Deval Patrick has the wrong priorities when it comes to spending.”

  • I have seen other candidates also doing video clips like this and if I remember correctly, the state GOP had a video clip of some fellow under “Issues” in the previou iteration of the site.  

    I can see why YouTube may be effective as it does allow the presenter to convey emotion along with the statement itself.  However, I also find that unless I’m really interested in the candidate–would vote for or against anyways–that a YouTube clip is too time consuming to watch.  I’d rather just access static internet media and see their position on taxes, economy, abortion, whatever.  

    RMG Readers: Do you find YouTube effective in this mode?

    BTW: I thought this was well done but may have been more effective if combined with a visual–like standing before a fire department in Lawrence.

  • As part of an effective campaign strategy it is good to roll things out a bit at a time to keep your candidate in the news.  Keeping these “answers” under two minutes is a good time length.  The video is designed to appear as a more casual conversation even though every word is carefully pre-planned.  In this way, he can avoid specifics without appearing to do so.

    How much will it help?  I don’t know.  Doing them is clearly better than not doing them.

  • People agree that beacon hill is bad and don’t like the status quo.  Unfortunately most of them don’t like Republicans either.  Notice how he is very specific about what beacon hill is doing wrong and much less so about what he will do to change it.  This directs the focus in the right area for Baker.  

    Keep in Mind that Obama was elected on not being George W. Bush.  Now in 2009 his actual policies are much less popular than “not Bush.”  However, during the campaign the change message was quite effective.  

    Unfortunately for Charlie Baker Tim Cahill is still in this race.  “Not Deval” would win heads up, but that isn’t the race he has.  Currently Baker in running 3rd in a general election match up and will need to be more aggressive on the issues to win.