Cong. Capuano, A wanna-be senator Murtha can love

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Congressman Mike Capuano, the unabashed progressive in the Democratic senate fight, has long been a Murtha ally. But by one’s associates, one can learn much. Rep. Murtha, one of Congress’s genuine hacks, operates under a cloud, in part because of his association with PMA, a lobbying firm. Capuano recently returned campaign donations he received through PMA.

Is this the kind of “insider” we want to send to the U.S. Senate to represent Massachusetts?

Ignoring the potential political liability for his US Senate race, Capuano made a brief appearance at a Boston fund-raising event for US Representative John Murtha, who has close ties to a lobbying firm under federal investigation for allegedly making illegal campaign contributions to the Pennsylvania Democrat and his colleagues in Congress.

Capuano, who works closely with Murtha in Congress, was the only member of the Massachusetts delegation to attend the event. The two are part of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s inner circle. Murtha is known on Capitol Hill as one of the cardinals on the House Appropriation Committee, meaning he has the power to deliver federal funds to certain congressional districts.

Capuano, a six-term Democrat, recently returned $64,500 in donations he had raised through the Washington lobbying firm under investigation, PMA, which was founded by a former top Murtha staff member who remains close to the Pennsylvania lawmaker.

Capuano wants to send a message to all the players that he’s loyal, a stand-up guy. In doing so, he’s flicking voters in Massachusetts the middle finger.  

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