How does Charlie Baker get away with this.  Today’s Boston’s the link…

The article documents Baker’s charity giving thousands of dollars to radical left wing causes, including money to a Cambridge group which has decided that our soldiers regularly tortures peoople.

The Herald has documented that Charlie has given money to a group fighting for illegal aliens to have drivers licenses and tuition at Massachusetts colleges.

The Herald has documented that Charlie’s money has been funneled to a group which is clearly anti semetic, accusing Israel of “genocide” and a “holocaust”.  Here’s a very disturbing quote from the Herald about what Charlie’s money supported…..

“the Somerville group calls Israel’s policies toward Palestine a “genocide” and a “holocaust.” The site also features a cartoon depicting a mother and child emblazoned with the words “Gaza” being stalked by a jack-booted, sword-toting Israeli soldier pushing a Star of David with shark teeth.”…Herald article by David Wedge.

I think Mr. Baker deserves an opportunity to say if he supports or doesn’t support these groups.  And, if he wants to be the manager of the state’s money as chief financial officer, why did he allow such money to flow from his charity to such radical left wing groups as these.  Wouldn’t a former administration and finance chief from the state house be able to monitor the flow of cash and where its going, or should not go.???  

This is not what a Republican does.  Is Charlie trying to immitate Deval?????  If that’s his intent – I hope it isn’t – he’s doing a good job.

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  • nomad943

    Interesting website .. thanks for the link, I had never heard of them (not being from Sommerville area)

    On the website you mention, besides the artwork you described, I found this .

    The U.S. provides Israel with the money and military financing that makes occupation and genocide possible. The U.S. gives Israel annually between $6 – 10 billion. The Israeli annual national budget is about $40 billion. Because of access to American technology and financial support:

    Israel is the world’s fourth largest nuclear power.

    Israel is the 16th wealthiest nation in the world.

    Israel has the world’s sixth largest military.

    Israel has become the third largest arms producer in the world.

    Israel has national health insurance.

    Israel has third best newborn survival rate (U.S.’s is second worst) of modern world. *

    “The American taxpayer contributes one third of its foreign aid budget to the 16th wealthiest nation on the planet, with a population that represents .001% of the world’s population, supporting in the process the resettlement of thousands of immigrants from foreign lands to Israel, a foreign country, where they can reside in [subsidized] luxury town homes with lush grounds and pools, while our New Orleans residents, the majority classified African-American and living below the poverty line, remain scattered throughout the country unable to return to their homes.” – Source

    Anyone care to discuss why this statement is full of falacy, and if it is not and it is indeed true than why would I have a problem with pennies of Bakers charity money

    winding up someplace that tells a story that needs telling. Sounds like “in the public interest” to me.

  • Festus Garvey

    Ok, let me get this straight…Baker is the President of a company that has a Foundation, which he chairs.  The foundation gives out bundles of money ($100 million over many years) and they give $200 to the Haymarket People’s Fund.  This organization–Haymarket–gives $12,000 to the Somerville Divestment Project, which has some pretty harsh things to say about Israel…therefore “Charlie’s money” is used for anti-sematic purposes.

    This is what happens in intra-party fights in a party that makes up death panels and health care rationing BS.  

    I’ll bet with a little research (or more complete reporting from the Herald) we’d find that the foundation was given to many faith-based organizations that many would consider “right-wing”.

    And the donations to either the left wing or rightwing groups would most likely have one thing in common…the money given was not used for any political purposes, but rather the charitable missions of the organizations.  (In fact, these groups most likely have two separate paper groups with different tax exempt classifications–one for political advocacy and another for charity work.)  Foundations almost never give money for political advocacy–because it won’t be a tax exempt donation.  So it’s safe to safe that the $30,000 over 6 years ($5,000 a yr) given to the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition centered on providing some charitable health care to a population at risk.  Is that so bad?  

    Anyway, I much more enjoy the intraparty fights…ironically the venom and lies spread in these contests far outstrip the attacks you aim at liberals like me.

  • I love how Republicans on this site enjoy eating their own young…

    The Harvard Pilgrim HealthCare Foundation is a great organization that does tremendous good in the world.  You really owe it to Charlie to include his response to this whole thing:

    Baker spokesman Rob Gray did not address the specific grant recipients but said: “The Foundation has spent more than $100 million on donations and grants to organizations and groups to provide quality health care to all people, regardless of political ideology. That is its mission and as it should be. The donations in question represent less than one-tenth of 1 percent of all donations, a miniscule percentage.”

    In the course of giving away 100 million dollars, you’re going to have a couple donations like this (who knows when those groups took the positions they did and I doubt Charlie had knowledge of them).  BUT why don’t you break down the OTHER 99.9% of Charlie’s charity’s donations?????  If you did, you’d see they have been effectively targeted towards helping the poorest people in the world receive medical care for diseases that have been wiped out so long ago in this country that you’ve never even heard of most of them.

    And in case you haven’t noticed already, Charlie is a social liberal.  He’s the best thing the Republican Party has going, so let’s not promote Herald hit pieces.  Shocked that a couple small donations have been allowed to overshadow the tremendous good in the world brought about by this charity.  On this site of all sites, we need to set the record straight.

    Charlie should be praised for this type of charitable work, not taken down for it.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    Using this same logic – I pay taxes to the US federal government and they use monies to fund abortions overseas .  Does that make me an abortion supporter?  

  • Knightbrigade

    what ever Charlie did will be looked into and he will get the chance to explain the situation one way or another.

    What concerns me MORE in this post, is the liberal/TROLLS who jump to Charlies defense who enjoy ‘Republicans fighting Republicans’.

    Kinda reminds me of all the love the lefty crapbags gave McCain..and we know his kind of ‘conservative’.

    Blackout the troll noise and come to are own conclusions CONSERVATIVE/Republicans…..this is a REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE….