How does Charlie Baker get away with this.  Today’s Boston’s the link…

The article documents Baker’s charity giving thousands of dollars to radical left wing causes, including money to a Cambridge group which has decided that our soldiers regularly tortures peoople.

The Herald has documented that Charlie has given money to a group fighting for illegal aliens to have drivers licenses and tuition at Massachusetts colleges.

The Herald has documented that Charlie’s money has been funneled to a group which is clearly anti semetic, accusing Israel of “genocide” and a “holocaust”.  Here’s a very disturbing quote from the Herald about what Charlie’s money supported…..

“the Somerville group calls Israel’s policies toward Palestine a “genocide” and a “holocaust.” The site also features a cartoon depicting a mother and child emblazoned with the words “Gaza” being stalked by a jack-booted, sword-toting Israeli soldier pushing a Star of David with shark teeth.”…Herald article by David Wedge.

I think Mr. Baker deserves an opportunity to say if he supports or doesn’t support these groups.  And, if he wants to be the manager of the state’s money as chief financial officer, why did he allow such money to flow from his charity to such radical left wing groups as these.  Wouldn’t a former administration and finance chief from the state house be able to monitor the flow of cash and where its going, or should not go.???  

This is not what a Republican does.  Is Charlie trying to immitate Deval?????  If that’s his intent – I hope it isn’t – he’s doing a good job.

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