Breaking: MassGOP Has 2PM Hearing

UPDATE– I just received a text message from Tarah Donoghue, the hearing has been rescheduled to 8am tomorrow morning.  The swearing in is currently scheduled for afternoon tomorrow, giving enough time for an injunction to take place…..  

The Massachusetts Republican Party has a 2PM emergency hearing before a Massachusetts court.  They have filed a request for an emergency injunction regarding the constitutionality of the appointment of Paul Kirk.  Developing…

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  • Vote3rdpartynow
  • Any updates?  

  • so now let him have one! Since threats to “convenience” are on the list of what qualifies for an emergency according to Beacon Hell, let them be inconvenienced a bit.

  • Knightbrigade

    is a hearing a good thing or bad thing for the GOP and citizens of MA.?

    To me it’s GOOD*, but with an *.

    We not only have to point out the actions of Democrats as hypocrites, but we must also show how FAR they will BEND the rules/constitution to do it.

    WE/Conservative Republicans can show we did EVERYTHING against the whim of Democrat/hacks in back room deals and abuse of power. That we stood up for the citizens of MA. as best we could, we must then DROP it.

    Then come election time, mix it with other examples of how the Democrats use citizens as sheep to do what EVER they want.