Breaking: Jennifer Nassour live with Neil Cavuto in 6PM half hour

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I just saw a tweet from Republican Party Chairman Jennifer Nassour.  She will be on with Neil Cavuto on the Fox Business Network during the six o’clock half hour this evening.  

I just heard from Tarah Donoghue that the topic will be Paul Kirk’s appointment as U.S. Senator, and the Massachusetts Democratic Party’s treating of election law as their own personal whim.

The full transcript is after the jump.

NEIL CAVUTO: well, tomorrow set a personal day. the close combat to be late ted kennedy. facing contentious battles over health care, climate change, financial regulation, already facing a tough battle at home. well, the chairwoman of the massachusetts state g.o.p. who took the governor’s move to court last week and even though the judge disagreed with her, she says the governor4 overstepped his constitutional boundaries and appointed turk. good to have you, thank you for coming.

JENNIFER NASSOUR: thank you very much for having me tonight.

CAVUTO: bnt what legal recourse du have? this guy will sit in there and able to vote in there, anyway any way you can stop that?

NASSOUR: look, what happened here in massachusetts last week was absolutely deplorable. the democrats manipulated the election law for their own partisan purposes. so now he is the 60th vote in the senate. and basically it is the democrats stacking the deck so that they can pass a wildly unpopular health care reform plan.

CAVUTO: the irony of this is this was the one scenario that the late senator kennedy did not want when he pushed for the very measure that is being reversed at the time when the senator kerry was running. looked like he was going to get in there and it would be a republican governor at the time, mitt romney, who could get to appoint a successor. what happens? many people say while you might argue over the fairness, there might not be a health care to vote on at all here.

NASSOUR: i think regardless of the fact massachusetts has made a mockery of election laws and of the constitution here in massachusetts. the last week was a perfect example of democratic antics. looking for change, quite honestly.

CAVUTO: jennifer, what do you make of the argument left or right that says at this time of such a crucial vote that its importance to all the residents of your wonderful state, they should have two senators, should not be down a senator.

NASSOUR: look, five years ago when mitt romney was governor, apparently the democrat legislature decided romney was not competent to make that appointment. even though kerry had dated 90% of his votes, they stripped him of his appointment power and decided to send it to the people for a vote at a special election. the special election supposed to be between 145 and 160 days. now suddenly when there is a vacancy they said we need to change it immediately.

CAVUTO: you are right, very hypocritical. can he or will he run for that position, or is it understood these interim position, end of story?

NASSOUR: there’s nothing to stop him from running for us now. he gets his parking spot the rest of his life, nothing to stop him from running for it. he is the consummate dc insider. he cannot run from the fact he is a dc insider, cannot run for the fact he had a hand in the health care industry and so right now looking back at massachusetts and going from obama to harry reid to organizing for america, they lobbied the massachusetts legislature and lobbied duval patrick. who by the way is the worst governor in america. we call him disappointment duval because he’s an utter right disappointment.

CAVUTO: we have a couple in my neck of the woods who can give that notion a run for the money. always good seeing you, thank you very much and thank you for clarifying that.

NASSOUR: thank you very much.

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