Breaking: Curt Schilling Not Qualified As Republican By Mass Law For Special Election

A quick perusal at the Town of Medfield’s website shows that Curt Schilling is still a registered unenrolled voter.  This means that he does not meet the August 5, 2009 registration deadline as established by Massachusetts State Law.  This does not preclude Curt from filing a law suit to try and claim that his rights are violated if he wants to run as a Republican. It just makes it harder.

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  • He’s done.

  • nomad943

    That is the first time I have seen a town offer such a tool. Is it a common devise or do I just live in a dungeon that prefers to shelter voter registrations?

    Imagine all the time we could save ourselves if we could detrmine ahead of time if some Bozo had placed our registrations in the inactive pile because we forgot to return the weekly census questionaire or some such thing …

  • Gittle

    Then switch enrollment upon winning. More difficult, sure, but I saw that happen in at least one state special election (Dedham/Westwood with Paul McMurtry).

    Of course, Republican activists can’t endorse him or anything like that per party bylaws. But that hasn’t stopped anyone before. 😉