Breaking: Curt Schilling Not Qualified As Republican By Mass Law For Special Election

A quick perusal at the Town of Medfield’s website shows that Curt Schilling is still a registered unenrolled voter.  This means that he does not meet the August 5, 2009 registration deadline as established by Massachusetts State Law.  This does not preclude Curt from filing a law suit to try and claim that his rights are violated if he wants to run as a Republican. It just makes it harder.

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  1. That is the first time I have seen a town offer such a tool. Is it a common devise or do I just live in a dungeon that prefers to shelter voter registrations?

    Imagine all the time we could save ourselves if we could detrmine ahead of time if some Bozo had placed our registrations in the inactive pile because we forgot to return the weekly census questionaire or some such thing …

  2. Then switch enrollment upon winning. More difficult, sure, but I saw that happen in at least one state special election (Dedham/Westwood with Paul McMurtry).

    Of course, Republican activists can’t endorse him or anything like that per party bylaws. But that hasn’t stopped anyone before. 😉

  3. StartedoutRepublican
  4. If we have Schilling, a Republican and a Democrat in a 3 way race the Democrat will just win.  Not fielding a Republican nominee is simply unthinkable.

  5. Poll on results as of 4pm…Curt is laying a beating on the field!  Yes, if you add the Dems up and the R’s up the D’s are ahead, but the real take away from this is that the next closest R to Schilling is Kerry Healy at 3.1%.  Let’s stop kidding ourselves:  outside of this website and your “political” friends, how many average people have even heard of Andy Card, Scott Brown, Michael Sullivan, etc?  Walk up and down your street and my guess is nobody; try that with Kerry Healy and you’ll get some dirty looks; then try that with Curt Schilling….I rest my case.

    In a 5 month senate race where fundraising will not be easy and you’re almost guaranteed to run against a Kennedy, a guy like Schilling with nearly 100% name ID, all of it positive, would be the best thing that has happened to the Republican Party here in  a long time, maybe ever:  EVEN IF he had to be listed as an independent on the ballot and then switch to Republican if he wins (Curt is listed as unenrolled and unless he challenges the law in court and wins, can’t be listed on the ballot as an R).  Curt could call it a technicality and get away with it because he’s not a professional politician.

    And please don’t tell me it is “unthinkable” for the Party not to run someone for U.S. Senate if the Party throws its support behind Schilling if Schilling joins the Republican party — we don’t contest 75% of the legislative races in this state so we don’t “have to” do anything….other than actually start winning elections before we go extinct.

    The key would be to keep the Republican ballot spot vacant or at least clear of anyone remotely credible…I’m sure the D’s will make sure there is an “R” on the ballot though in this scenario so fear not.

    If Curt finds a way to do this, people on this site should be jumping for joy, not ripping him.  He’s a hell of a lot better than any alternative the D’s are going to give you.  I wish we had several other viable alternatives to be arguing about, but we just don’t.

    Who should take Kennedy’s Senate seat?

    Curt Schilling


    Joe Kennedy II


    Martha Coakley


    Someone else


    Victoria Kennedy


    Michael Capuano


    Kerry Healey


    Scott Brown


    Stephen Lynch


    Marty Meehan


    Michael Sullivan


    Total votes: 2161

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