Be Critical, but Be Just!

Reluctantly, in the cause of Truth, Justice and The American Way, I must defend Rep. Rodrigues – on just one point.

Porcupine has repeatedly heard the Rep.’s vehicle referred to as a ‘state car’.  This is not correct.  When a person is elected to the Legislature, they become ELIGIBLE for a House/Senate plate, the same way that qualifying service in the Armed Services qualifies you for a Veteran plate.

Not all Reps have them, as they are a form of vanity…whoops!..AFFINITY plate, and the annual surcharge must be paid like a Cape & Island plate or a Red Sox plate.  They are not necessarily tied to the seat occupied, as legislators can choose to retain the plate when they retire – Porcupine remembers a friend on Cape who had Senate Plate 200.  These plates go onto personal vehicles.

So Rep. Rodrigues was not in a ‘state car’ but his own.

Carry On!

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