$10,000,000 Man? Republican Christy Mihos Pledges to Spend up to $10M to Win MA US Senate Vacancy

In what together is the best news Charlie Baker has heard all week and perhaps the worst that Scott Brown has, Christy Mihos seems to be most definitely in the race to replace Senator Ted Kennedy. Mihos’ spokesman Kevin Sowydra has confirmed to the media that Christy is going to run.  Not only is Christy going to run, he’s running to win.

Mihos, meanwhile, “has been urged by a number of Republicans both inside and outside Massachusetts” to run, said Mihos spokesman Kevin Sowydra. Mihos is expected to make a formal announcement at noon tomorrow.

“He wants to serve. He’s giving serious consideration, and he’ll put forth the necessary resources,” Sowydra said, adding Mihos is prepared to spend $10 million of his own money. Mihos wants to tip the scales in Washington by adding a GOP voice from Massachusetts, ending Congress’ run as a “rubber stamp” for President Obama, Sowydra said.

$10,000,000 puts Mihos as the money leader, and without a seriously contested primary if Brown backs out leaves Mihos with all of it to spend in a general election.  Dick Morris is no fool, Christy would not be getting into this race if internal polling was not good.  This is most definitely an interesting development.

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