Young Mayoral Hopeful Survives her first live TV Interview

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The future of conservatism does not lay with we 40+ somethings. We grump and complain and disparage and just plain do not understand how any liberal can support the current agenda. But scream as we might, the loonies march on. The future respect for the ideals of the US constitution lay with our kids. While we stomp our feet, we are missing the opportunity to engage our most promising asset. Whether Democrat or Republican or Libertarian, we all know what is right and what is wrong. This ability to distinguish the difference is innate to kids as young as two and as old as 95. Unfortunately somewhere greed and insanity take hold of many politicians and the electorate cheers this on.  

Well my daughter straightened me out. During a heated conversation regarding the current long term sad state situation of New Bedford, I was informed I was to shut up and listen. My 19 year old daughter informed me she was tired of listening to me, my friends and the radio crowd who complain endlessly. She took out papers to run for Mayor of New Bedford. Talk about a gear shifting moment. Regardless of her age, it is her constitutional right to run for office. The best I could gurgle was “Outstanding!”

While collecting nomination signatures we had many interesting conversations. Her age was an issue to very few, but in all cases not a show stopper. Expertise can be hired. Having a good heart, a good ear and uncorrupted desire seemed to matter more. Also helpful is many peoples apparent disappointment with Mayor Lang. With six potential candidates and two current councilors waffling whether they want to jump into the race, is a simple indicator that all is still not right in New Bedford and the Mayor is being blamed. So what else is new?

Last night, Catherine had her first live TV interview on Channel 6 in Providence. As a parent I was terrified. But the only gaffe was a camera that seemed to want to roll off set every time the camera guy walked away. Catherine did fine. Just before Catherine went on set, she had the opportunity to meet former Providence Mayor Buddy Cianci. When learning of Catherine’s intentions he smiled broadly, looked at her askew and asked “Why the hell would you want to do that?” Catherine replied with a smile, “So that people in the future don’t ask the question you just asked.” Mayor Cianci flashed that broad smile of his, “Good answer.” He continued, “It’s a hard thing you are doing, but I think you will do fine.” With that he put his hand in his pocket and walked away obviously thinking about his day many years ago.

Cathreine’s Interview can be viewed on her web page,

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