Will corrupt Democrats change law to appoint Kennedy replacement

I can’t believe the discussion to change the law to appoint a Kennedy replacement in the US Senate is even taking place.  The hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a knife!  After all, It was Kennedy himself that pushed for the change in law back when he feared a Kerry replacement made by Mitt Romney.  But as we speak, the corrupt Democrats are readying to memorialize Ted Kennedy by passing one law in his honor and repealing another law he pushed.  How is repealing one of Kennedy’s laws an act of honoring him?  Oh well, I guess when you are corrupt you can justify anything.

Do laws mean anything anymore?  Aren’t laws supposed to be a legal representation of our values?  If so, have we become a commonwealth where the values change with the political winds.  I can understand when over long periods of time the values of a society change, but this change only occurred a few years ago.  Have our values become nothing more than ‘let’s win at any cost’.  God I hope not.

It’s a funny thing.  A couple years ago when Mitt Romney was traveling around the country making Massachusetts the butt of his political jokes the Democrats were up in arms.  ‘How dare he mock this great state’, they would say.  Yet, time and again those Democrats fall into the very habit of bringing that ‘joke status’ upon themselves.  The record shows that Democrats were squarely behind Kennedy when the law was changed so NO TEMPORARY APPOINTMENT would be made should a sitting US Senator from Massachusetts leave office.  They voted right along the party lines.  The argument was that representation in that seat was too important to leave to the political whims of the Governor – then Mitt Romney.  I guess the legislature is much wiser now that Deval Patrick is Governor because they seem to be falling in lockstep to reverse the very legislation that Kennedy pushed.

What is additionally troublesome for me is that the push to reverse the law is now coming from outside the state.  Harry Reid is now pressuring Deval Patrick to change the law.  I may be alone on this, but I always find it offensive when a politician from the opposite side of the country wants to influence the laws in my state.  Truth be told, Harry Reid doesn’t give a damn about us in Massachusetts.  He just wants nationalized health care and is willing to influence our state election laws to get it.  He is using us and I don’t like it.  Will Harry Reid’s voice be louder than mine?  I guess we will see.

Here is another problem – the corrupt Democrats now want to memorialize Kennedy by passing the health care bill in his name.  They want to rename the failing Obamacare into Kennedycare.  Two weeks ago Democrat Congressmen were canceling town hall meetings left and right because the crowds of angry mobs were fighting them tooth and nail on a nationalized health care bill.  The opportunists are now going to use the sorrowful passing of Ted Kennedy as a way to push through this legislation based on emotion rather than logic.  So far the only thing that has changed is the name on the bill – the rest of the bill is still trillion dollar deficits and big government waste spread out over a thousand pages of unread government text.  Sadly, I think the fact that the bill will cost taxpayer’s children nearly two trillion dollars is now somehow lost.

I predict that Massachusetts leaders will change the law so that Deval Patrick can appoint Kennedy’s replacement.  Patrick has already promised that he will sign it should it come to his desk. I also predict that nationalized health care will pass when Democrats use the nuclear option and pass the bill using a reconciliation tactic, which requires only 51 votes instead of the usual 60 votes in the Senate.  I hope I am wrong.

Deval Patrick has a lot of incentive to make this happen.  Though his ratings are just a bit lower than those of Adolph Hitler he stands a chance of uniting the base if he is seen as the politician that helped get nationalized health care passed.  There is a lot on the line for Deval.  Making this happen would pretty much guarantee a second term for him.

I am hoping that someone here on RMG has a roll call of how the state legislature voted last time around.  I am going to write to every single one of them and ask why now it seems to make so much sense to change the law when it was made right such a short time ago.

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