What Would Churchill Do?

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There was an interesting article published a day ago at Salon that drags Winston Churchill into the healthcare debate.


Winston Churchill was a Bolshevik

Guess who helped launch socialized healthcare in the U.K.? The ultimate conservative icon — and he was proud of it

The argument isn’t very complex.  1) Conservatives love Churchill, 2) Churchill supported socialized healthcare, 3) Conservatives should support socialized healthcare.  I figured that someone over at the National Review would quickly pick this line of argument apart, but I’m still waiting.  The longer I wait the more I get the feeling that this line of argument has legs.  So far as loving Churchill is concerned I wonder how much that is true for Joe Average Conservative.  But for a lot of the people who write conservative opinions, particularly at the National Review, there does seem to have been a long standing love affair with Churchill.  That must put them in some what of a bind.

In a somewhat related note, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a line of argument blow up as much as it did when Investor’s Business Daily claimed that Stephen Hawking would die in a socialized system.  That was quickly followed by Stephen Hawking’s own claim that he wasn’t dead yet.

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