Washington Post Quotes of Mine about Barney Frank Forum

The Washington Post, Capitol Briefing – Frank Blasts Nazi Comparisons From LaRouche Backers

The Washington Post emailed me yesterday afternoon around 3:15 pm seeking comments about the Barney Frank health care forum here in Dartmouth on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t home most of the day & I had to call them & email them back at 8 pm last night.

Anyway, the reporter, Garance Franke-Ruta, got back to me today and we spoke for 5-10 minutes.  Here are some of the quotes attributed to me:

Ray Medeiros, chairman of the Dartmouth Democratic Party, said the pamphlets came from LaRouche supporters, and that the woman who ticked off Frank was one of about 20 who came to the meeting. Brock Cordiero, the regional chair of the Massachusetts GOP, said Brown was passing out pamphlets from a table with a LaRouche PAC banner on it before the town hall meeting and that he and Medeiros spent a fair bit of time during the meeting trying to contain the disruptions the LaRouche supporters were causing. “They were there to cause problems,” he said.

Cordiero, concerned attendees might mistake LaRouche supporters for Republicans, said he went out of his way at the meeting to repudiate the Hitler-Obama imagery in remarks to Frank. “I saw media reports there was Republican booing and jeering,” said Cordiero Thursday. “That’s not the case.”


My only (very minor) complaint is that they misspelled my last name.  Oh well, a minor gripe as I’m both personally very thrilled & honored that the Washington Post contacted me for more information.  Thank you!

Let me let you in on a little RMG tie-in.  Apparently, the Washington Post found me via a post I made here at RMG!

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