Tsongas Town Hall Live Blog

I’m leaving Shrewsbury for Chelmsford Now. See you there. Town hall at 10 am 50 Billerica Road.     Chelmsford Police have asked that you use the back parking lot.

It’s 8:10 AM and I’m actually surprised that I am the only one here in line.  Oh wait here comes more cars.

It’s 8:20 AM and the congressional staff and or union organizers are arriving.

And here comes Sandi Martinez and her Mom.   Lowell liberal gadfly Pat McCarthy is here.

The big dog, Niki’s Chief of Staff Brian Martin has arrived.

9:13 – HCAN Astroturf has arrived.  SEIU purple shirts are popping up along with the Communications Workers of America.  

9:40 – They have an area set up for tripods.  I’ve got a clear aisle.  Acoustics in here are horrible.

9:57 – I’ve been informed that we have reached capacity and there are over 400 more people outside that will not be allowed in.

Niki is giving a very warm welcome.  

I have to be honest here, Niki is handling the crowd well.  The crowd is split almost evenly between supporters and opponents of health care.  Boisterous but respectful.

Pat McCarthy one of Niki Tsongas’ supporters that helped set up the town hall has had a camera trained on Sam Meas for the past hour.

I have to give Congresswoman Tsongas credit.  She has handled this very well.

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