This candidate for Governor needs plan to help people save rather than getting them into more debt

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A candidate for Massachusetts governor recently said a key part of his platform will be to promote more predatory gambling in the form of legalized sports betting like Delaware tried to do. With there being sites like that allow fans of sports to bet online safely and legally, betting on sports like the NFL, the NBA and college football has never been easier. Whether it is playing casino games online like Blackjack or betting on fantasy baseball games, it is all about knowing when to stop, especially if the goal of winning money has not been achieved. For some people, it can be a fun hobby, but others can take it too far.

Yet according to a news report today: “A federal appeals court on Monday dealt another body blow to Delaware’s plans for a new sports betting lottery, saying it must be limited to parlay bets on professional football games.”

The ruling declared the lottery can only allow parlay bets which means bettors can pick the winners of at least three separate NFL games in a single wager. It’s more commonly referred to as a “football card.” Delaware state officials were aiming to legalize individual wagers on all games including NCAA contests. These new rules could effect the international football betting scene as well. Many online football agents or Agen Bola as the Indonesians call it, might have to take notice of the changes the US is implementing because they produce a lot of the worlds sporting entertainment. Or at least lead the trend in this market.

Instead of promoting a business model that relies on 90% of the money coming from 10% of the people who use the product and pushes people into deeper levels of personal debt, perhaps government and candidates for public office will now consider offering products that encourage people to save money so they can accumulate the capital they need to live the American Dream.

The era of phony prosperity, casino capitalism and Bernie Madoff-style “something for nothing schemes” is over.

Les Bernal

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