That MFI Poll Is a Joke

(Editors note: the ages Joe is citing are wrong. The poll asked what year were you born, not what age. The demographics are in line with U.S. Census bureau statistics as found on  See my comment below for the explanation.)

Hate to break it to you folks, but y’all been swindled.  

I know many of you here probably don’t have a high opinion of BMG, but being a frequent commentator there, I’ve had it drilled into my head that when it comes to polls, READ THE CROSSTABS.

Those crosstabs, which are available here have a very telling factoid that shows the results are very, very flawed, and skewed in a manner to oppose same sex marriage.  

flip it.

It’s no secret that there is a very clear difference in opinion regarding same sex marriage between the various age cohorts.  Almost every poll you read on this subject that shows them in the crosstabs, the older you are, the more likely you are to oppose SSM.  An excellent poll with a fantastic graph is here which illustrates my point well.  

If you notice, the support for SSM is very low among the 65+ crowd.  Go ahead and google all the SSM polls you want.  Same story.  Older folks don’t support it.  That’s why I was so shocked to see the age cohorts in this MFI Poll.  

18-50:  20%

51-60:  22%

61-75:  30%

76+  :  24%

From the crosstabs, we find that 54% of the whopping 306 poll respondents are age 61 or older.  Considering that only 13% of the population is actually in this age bracket, this is a ridiculous percentage to have.  

This doesn’t need to be hashed out any more.  The poll is a joke.  By skewing the age groups responding to this question, the polling company was able to come up with polling results that very soundly defeat SSM.  

So yes, if the State was comprised of a population that was more than half age 61 and older, then opposition to SSM would be politically wise.

However, it would be way more politically wise to read the crosstabs of a poll so you know when someone is bullshitting you.  

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