Ted Kennedy Seeks to Ensure US Senate Dynasty

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You’ve got to love living in a one-party state.  First the legislature changes the law so that Governor Mitt Romney could not appoint a successor to a would-be President John F. Kerry and now our senior US Senator, Ted Kennedy, is asking Governor Patrick & the Democrat dominated legislature to change the law so that his possible successor could be appointed by the sitting Democratic governor if Sen. Kennedy should need to resign his seat, or God forbid worse.

I wish Senator Kennedy a long & healthy life after a victorious battle with cancer.  I also am appalled, but not surprised, by the political games being employed by the Democrats in order to hold onto a dynastic seat.  Be it by family or by political party it appears that the fix is in to hold fast to a seat about which they feel entitled.  This is not about Senatorial representation for Massachusetts but rather Democratic control of the US Senate.  This is about ensuring the next US Senator is acceptable to the liberal Democrat ruling elite.

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, in a poignant acknowledgment of his mortality amid a critical time in the national health care debate, has privately asked the governor and legislative leaders to change the succession law to guarantee that Massachusetts will not lack a Senate vote in the event of his death.

In a personal, sometimes wistful letter sent Tuesday to Governor Deval L. Patrick, Senate President Therese Murray, and House Speaker Robert DeLeo, Kennedy asks that Patrick be given the authority to appoint someone to the seat temporarily while voters choose a new senator in a special election.

Under a 2004 law, if Kennedy were to die or step down, Massachusetts voters would select his successor through a special election, to be held within five months after the vacancy. But the law makes no provisions for Massachusetts to be represented in the Senate in the interim. In the meantime, President Obama’s controversial plan to overhaul the nation’s health care system — whose fate may hinge on one or two votes — could come before Congress.

Massachusetts governors used to have the power to fill Senate vacancies — as happens in many other states — until the Democratically controlled Legislature made the change five years ago. Lawmakers did not want to give then-governor Mitt Romney the ability to fill Kerry’s seat with a Republican if Kerry won the presidency.


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