Ted Kennedy has a date, with an income tax free state…..

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I finally figured out why Ted Kennedy wants to have Governor Devoid Patrickakis appoint someone to replace him – Ted is staying in Florida.  Ted has been in Florida since he collapsed at an Obama inauguration dinner many months ago.  Like his dear mother Rose, Teddy wants to establish Florida as his primary residence in order to avoid those massive estate taxes and dreaded Massachusetts income taxes.

This is important because Teddy has a new book coming out and he wants the income from that book to be declared tax free in Florida – not Taxachusetts.  The same way we all marveled at the fact that Rose was simultaneously declared the oldest resident of Barnstable even though she was living in Florida.

Ted Kennedy doesn’t really want to save Massachusetts from under-representation in Washington.  He wants to save himself millions on estate taxes and income taxes.  Isn’t that the truth?

Think about it.  Ted Kennedy should be living in Massachusetts where he has the options of the finest medical care in the world.  After all, he is the sitting senior Senator from this state so the very least he could do is be here.  But no, Ted is in Florida!  There is only one reason sick people leave Massachusetts and go to Florida – TAXES!

I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out Uncle Teddy’s little trick.  

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