Ted Kennedy has a date, with an income tax free state…..

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I finally figured out why Ted Kennedy wants to have Governor Devoid Patrickakis appoint someone to replace him – Ted is staying in Florida.  Ted has been in Florida since he collapsed at an Obama inauguration dinner many months ago.  Like his dear mother Rose, Teddy wants to establish Florida as his primary residence in order to avoid those massive estate taxes and dreaded Massachusetts income taxes.

This is important because Teddy has a new book coming out and he wants the income from that book to be declared tax free in Florida – not Taxachusetts.  The same way we all marveled at the fact that Rose was simultaneously declared the oldest resident of Barnstable even though she was living in Florida.

Ted Kennedy doesn’t really want to save Massachusetts from under-representation in Washington.  He wants to save himself millions on estate taxes and income taxes.  Isn’t that the truth?

Think about it.  Ted Kennedy should be living in Massachusetts where he has the options of the finest medical care in the world.  After all, he is the sitting senior Senator from this state so the very least he could do is be here.  But no, Ted is in Florida!  There is only one reason sick people leave Massachusetts and go to Florida – TAXES!

I can’t believe it took me this long to figure out Uncle Teddy’s little trick.  

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  • I think your correct in your assessment, BUT you would have to be a cynic to have figured that one out. GOOD WORK!

  • The Democrats try to use this tax to stick it too the rich.  I understand the sentiment behind it.  Part of me even likes it.  Those who simply inherit wealth didn’t earn it for themselves.  They didn’t put in the hard work and take on the risk that was needed to create it.  The government needs to get it’s revenue from somewhere.

    However, the way the tax works in practice can be disastrous.  Most people successfully avoid these taxes.  They move to Florida.  They transfer their wealth before death.  They place their assets in various tax shelters.  

    The people that get burned by it are the families that either have unexpected deaths or are asset rich and often cash poor.  Family owned businesses and farms are sold off or shut down to pay the tax burden.  The employees that work their often lose their jobs.  Big corporations don’t face the same burden and gain another competitive advantage.  In addition, they often buy up the same business and farms that are put under.

    So…. The government shuts down small businesses with the death tax.  The government also bails out GM and AIG because those corporations are too big to fail.  Instead, let’s do neither.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    To write a letter to the Governor, Senate President and Speaker of the House of the state which you want to screw out of millions in estate taxes and income taxes – asking them to place their political necks on the line and reverse a piece of legislation that you proposed a few years earlier.

    If Patrickakis, DeLeo and Murray go along with this then they have been owned by Uncle Teddy.  I would have been insulted to even receive the letter because it says to Patrickakis, DeLeo and Murray that you own them.  The letter, by virtue of being sent, says that Kennedy looks down on the state leaders as his pawns and they should do his dirty work as ordered.  Or – Kennedy thinks he can really fool them – that they are that stupid.  Now I have no doubt that they aren’t the bright lights on the circuit, but they can’t be that dumb.  Can they?

  • nicely done.  He is such a scumbag that you know even in death he is trying to legislate rules for everyone else while refusing to abide by them.  Jerks like Teddy are why we have a law for everything – and every law has a loophole through which Teddy will squeeze his fat rear-end.

  • Peter Schweizer, author of Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy, devoted an entire chapter to the shenanigans of the Kennedy clan, with specific attention paid to Sen. Kennedy. Since there are so many examples from which to select, it is difficult to choose the most egregious case of Kennedy-esque arrogance. However, among the more egregious is the Kennedy clan's successful evasion of inheritance taxes, an evasion that contradicts the Senator's political posturing and rhetoric.

    The Senior Senator from Massachusetts belongs to a family clan blessed with a net worth that has been estimated at times to be nearly $500 million. Back in 1935, Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Sr., purchased Merchandise Mart, a Chicago real estate company, and according to Schweizer:

    “…in 1947, he divided its ownership among family members and put it in the form of a trust…. [it] was not set up in their home state of Massachusetts, New York, Florida, or even California. This trust wasn't even domiciled in the United States. Instead the Kennedy trust was set up in … Fiji.”

    Now why establish a trust on an island best known for headhunters? The Fiji-based trust allowed the Kennedy's to avoid “…the possibility of scrutiny by the IRS and federal authorities,” according to Schweizer. Worse, the sanctimonious Kennedy clan that demands the rich pay their fair share has “an intricate web of trusts and private foundations” that helps the family avoid the IRS.

    For example, the family paid only $134,330.90 in estate taxes despite a family fortune thought to be between $300 and $500 million at the time of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr.'s death in 1969. That was a tax bill of .04 percent, and Schweizer informs us that the figure is based on the lower end of the estimated family fortune.