Rand Paul Money Bomb TODAY!

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EDIT *** This is yesterday’s post.  I will be adding a few milestones as time goes on.   Rand Started the day with $228,592.  This was all pre-bomb money not included in the figures I will post below.  My official prediction from yesterday was $506,000.

00:00  $0 Just to be clear on the baseline.

09:20  $100,000 Already a major fundraising event.

12:13  $200,000 Donations come in a lot faster after people wake up.

13:00  $228,592 Rand Paul has already doubled up his fundraising.

16:15? $300,000

20:30? $374,571 With $603,164 total raised Rand Paul has passed Garyson, according to his last FEC filing.

22:10? $400,000

FINAL $433,509

TODAY, Thursday, August 20, 2009 is the official Rand Paul Money Bomb!  The Rand Paul for US Senate campaign is trying to raise $100 from 10,000 people for a total of $1,000,000.00 in a single day!

Rand Paul (R) is running for the open US Senate seat from Kentucky currently held by Jim Bunning.  Unlike Massachusetts, Kentucky is a very conservative state where the Republican nominee will enter the general election as the favorite.  While John McCain lost the nationwide popular vote by over 7%, he won the state of Kentucky by over 16% for a net result of R+23% versus the national average.  

In the primary, Rand Paul is a real contender in this race.  According to Survey USA: (Crosstabs)

Today, 08/18/2009, nine months until the Republican primary, Grayson edges Rand Paul 37% to 26%. Paul, an eye surgeon, political activist, and son of Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul, leads among the youngest voters and in Eastern Kentucky. Grayson, Kentucky’s Secretary of State, is ahead among all other groups and runs particularly strongly among moderates, among pro-choice voters, and in Greater Louisville. Three other candidates are in single digits; 13% of likely Republican primary voters say they will vote for another candidate; 17% are undecided.

This is the only poll taken since Jim Bunning announced he would not run for reelection.

Under Obama and the Democrats, the FY 2009 Federal Budget deficit is projected to exceed $1,800 Billion.  However, the Republican alternative budget still offered a deficit of $500 Billion.  Rand Paul supports a balanced budget and will vote against any agency budget that is not in line with a balanced budget.

Over the past year unprecedented amounts of your bailout money has been thrown into sinkholes in the form of “bailouts.”  This unconstitutional direct transfer of wealth to private corporations rewards failure, punishes success, rewards failure, runs up the debt, and destroys the value of the dollar through inflation.  It must end.  Rand Paul will oppose all federal bailouts of private industry.

Below the fold I have included a 9 minute video of Rand Paul’s 9 minute stump speech.  Watch it.  Where do you actually disagree?  Please join me and donate to Rand Paul in tomorrow’s money bomb.

Poll:  How much will he raise?


So how much money will Ron Paul raise tomorrow?  Here are a few numbers:

1) 452 people are signed up on the Rand Paul Money Bomb “cause” on facebook X $100 = $45,200.  http://apps.facebook.com/cause…

2) Rand Paul has raised $222,078 so far.  http://www.randpaul2010.com/

3) 2,300 people have pledged to donate on RunRandRun.com X $100 = $230,000.  http://www.runrandrun.com/

4) Peter Schiff is the other prominent “Liberty” candidate running against Sen Dodd in Connecticut.  He raised $350,000 on his money bomb on August 7th.  He has raised $892,683 so far.  http://www.schiffforsenate.com/

5) DD4RP’s guess is $506,000.

6) The goal is $1,000,000

7) The giant “Ron Paul Money Bomb” raised $6,043,022.96 online in a single day.

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