Patrick’s Appointment Track Record..Not So Good

Today the Globe editorializes in favor of giving Patrick the appointing authority to fill Senator Kennedy’s position and the name Mike Dukakisis is starting to float around as a possible appointee. This taxpayer has no interest in seeing the same man that appointed Jim Aloisi and attempted to appoint Marian Walsh to important jobs in state government. Schedule the election.

As I am writing this it occurs to me that I do not trust the man to do just about anything. Maybe that explains the 19% approval rating in a state full of liberals.  

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  • The Globe can opine, and of course anything is subject to change in the coming weeks, but the most common sentiment I hear is not for an appointment.  It is for the special election, but on an accelerated time table.

    But I share your reservation.  While I think Patrick truly believes his own convictions, I wouldn’t trust him to organize lunch at this point.