Patrick going too far on gun regulation

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Representative Jeffrey Davis Perry (R-Sandwich) has signed onto a bi-partisan letter strongly opposing Governor Patrick’s proposed gun regulation and changes to 501 CMR 15.00 regarding firearm exhibitions. The letter, signed by over 50 State Legislators, urges the Executive Office of Public Safe not to impose new and burdensome regulations that would greatly reduce the ability of local clubs and organizations to host firearm safety training courses.

Perry commented by stating “Our local sporting and shooting clubs play a vital role in public safety by offering the public training in safe firearm ownership. While I am sympathetic to the concerns that the regulations were meant to address, the unintended consequences will severely restrict any organizations efforts to educate the public in safe firearm ownership. ”

The letter encourages the Governor, regulators and lawmakers to work with the local community to create effective, common sense based regulations in order to promote safety while ensuring the rights provided to citizens under the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution are honored.

Representative Perry is the Ranking Member on the Joint Legislative Committee on Public Safety as well as a former Police Sergeant for the Town of Wareham.

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