Obama’s poll numbers dropping – almost as fast as Devoid Patrickakis.

A recent Washington Post – ABC News Poll says Americans are losing faith in Barack Obama.  More than half the people polled are concerned about the growing national debt and health care and feel Barack Obama will make the WRONG decision for America on these issues.

Strangely enough, the article appears on AOL and is accompanied by a poll asking people to vote for whether they think Obama will make the right decisions for America.  At the moment (1:11pm Friday) the poll reads as such: 79% of the 232,629 votes say the President will NOT make the right choice for America and 21% of the voters think he WILL make the right choice for America.  A second poll with almost as many votes suggest that two thirds of voters think Obama is doing a ‘POOR’ job as President.

I guess the honeymoon is over for The Anointed One.  I wonder what kind of special community organizing tricks he will have that can remedy piss-poor poll results for his first 9 months in office.

It’s also funny that Obama copied the Devoid Patrickakis campaign model with all the same rhetoric and sob stories of how he had to climb out of the Chicago slums to get where he is today.  Little did Obama know that he was gonna follow that campaign model right over the edge of the political cliff.  As Devoid goes – so goes Obama.  

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