Obama solicits AFL-CIO thugs to ‘engage’ health care protestors.

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Yesterday afternoon Fox News reported that President Obama solicited help from the AFL-CIO Chairman to send union members to the town hall meetings to ‘engage’ those people who are protesting the health care bill currently winding its way through Congress.

It has been no secret that the powerful unions support the government’s effort to nationalize health care and now it seems they are ready to ‘fight’ to make it happen.  We have already seen one incident caught on tape where SEIU thugs beat a black man to the ground because he expressed opposition to the health care bill.

With support for the health care bill waning the President feels it is time to start stronger intimidation techniques.  We have seen the more passive intimidation techniques such as the one posted on the government website asking supporters to report those people and websites that oppose the measure.  But, Obama is hoping that the thought of encountering AFL-CIO thugs at a town hall meeting might be too much for older folks, who happen to be the ones protesting the loudest and the most.

So a quick visit to the AFL-CIO website reveals the following: A major arguing point of the left has been that the right is highly organized and backed by big money right wing groups.  If that is the case then why can’t the health care protesters afford to have the same quality printing press signs made that the left has?  Most signs held by protesters are cardboard colored with magic marker.  Yet the AFL-CIO has suggested they will show up with printed shirts and manufactured signs.  Add to this that they have disseminated the right wing ‘playbook’ for how to disrupt the health care meetings.  They claim this playbook is being used by the highly organized right wing.  See it here as the top news story under the heading “New Resources” on the AFL-CIO website: http://www.aflcio.org/issues/h…

So this is their big story.  They have uncovered the actual right wing conspiracy playbook and have now linked to it on the AFL-CIO website.  Here is the problem – the link goes to a memo produced by a small blog site called ‘Right Principles’ , which to date it has had less than 8,000 hits in total.  See the memo here: http://www.aflcio.org/issues/h…

See the right principles website here: http://www.rightprinciples.com/

So the vast right wing organization is being led by a website with less than 8K hits?  Really?  Is that their lame-ass argument?  This is the Obama plan?  Pin the disruption on a teeny-tiny little blog and then send thousands of union thugs to squelch the voice of those who dissent?  At least now we know one of the reasons why Obama wanted the names of those in opposition to his strong handed health care legislation – he wants to label them as the troublemakers.  The only problem is that with less than 8K hits it isn’t much trouble.  I have to believe that at least a few thousand of those hits were from the AFL-CIO site itself.  

We have arrived in a new place in America.  The sitting President is sending henchmen to enforce his desires, we are told not to listen to the voice of dissent, and in fact – report it if possible.  This is the change and hope that Obama was talking about?  

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