Massachusetts Special Election: January 19, 2010

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EDIT *** Updated with full election schedule.  Local Town Clerk information.  Sorry, no link at this time. ***

October 20, 5:00 PM  – Candidates must deliver nomination papers to Town Clerks for certification.

October 29 – Town Clerks must complete certification.

November 3, 5:00 PM  – Nomination papers must be turned in  to Secretary of State.

November 18 – Last day to register to vote in Primary.

December 8 – Primary Election.

December 30 – Last day to register to vote in General Election.

January 19, 2010 – General Election.

So, I guess the plan here is to bury the bulk of the General election during the holidays so that the Dem Primary gets all the attention.  Deval also made another appeal to change the law so he can appoint an interim Senator.  

And so it goes.  The legislature votes to strip a Republican Governor of his powers.  The same legislature seeks to retroactively restore the same power to a Democratic Governor.  This is the very definition of corruption.  The people in power constantly changing the rules after the fact to keep that power.

Boston Herald:…


BTW:  The Boston Globe is doing the following internet poll:

Who should take Kennedy’s Senate seat?…

Scott Brown and Michael Sullivan are the only two Republicans listed among the ten choices.

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