Let’s count EVERYONE and avoid losing a seat!

Together we can avoid losing a seat.

There are several under counted constituencies, seriously [and this list is not exhaustive]

1.  Children in foster care

2.  Cognitively limited adults in group homes run by DDS

3.  Mentally ill residents who reside in group homes, institutions, or homeless on the street

4.  Other homeless residents who are either living on coaches, under bridges, or being moved around frequently by DTS

5.  Undocumented residents generally

6.  Illiterate non readers among residents

7.  Non-English speakers, legal and illegal generally

8.  Residents who are not registered to vote or who have moved within the last year

9.  Illegal renters [illegal rooming houses and apartments actually are very common in this state due to housing costs]

10.  Nursing home residents

11.  Students who attend college in residential dormitories or apartments for more than 50% of the year

Just for starters.  This would benefit everyone in our state.

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