Mihos Leads, Baker Trails: Latest Rasmussen Poll on Gubernatorial Race

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This has to be great news for Christy Mihos.  Charlie Baker was behind Patrick 40-39.  Sounds like a lot of name recognition at play here among the MassGOP candidates.  

Republican gubernatorial candidate Christy Mihos, who held a 41-40 lead over Gov. Deval Patrick in June poll, leads Patrick 40-35 in the latest Rasmussen Reports survey of Bay State voters.


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    Ouch, down by 1%!  By the MerrimackMan rule we should all give up hope for Charle Baker.  Baker will definitely lose and Mihos will definitely win.  After all, this is a poll over 14 months out within the margin of error!


    I of course disagree.  I think you should still support the candidate of your choice.

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  • Yesterday, the Boston Herald reported that Charlie Baker was 1% below Patrick in this poll.  However in today’s paper they’re reporting that Charlie was 1% ahead of Patrick.  Which one is it?!


    The latest Rasmussen poll shows another Republican candidate, Charlie Baker, beating Patrick by 1 point.



    The poll showed Patrick leading Republican candidate Charlie Baker 40-39. Rasmussen later today will release new numbers on what Massachusetts voters think of their state health care reform plan.


    Also intoday’s Boston Herald:

    The poll of 500 likely voters also found that only 39 percent approved of Patrick’s performance, and he came in last on a list of four other politicians listed as most respected by voters. The list also included former Gov. Mitt Romney and U.S. Sens. Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry.

    Finally, the Christy’s lead over Patrick being 5% was slightly outside of the 4.5% margin of error.

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    And he was plugging that Mihos was 5 points up on Devoid Patrickakis.  

    Which brings me to another topic.  Morris pronounced Christy Mihos name as (My-House).  I had always thought it was (My-Hose).  Can anyone clarify to the proper pronunciation.  I assume since Dick Morris is working with Christy he must be saying it right, but it is different than I have heard it before.  

  • Christy Mihos shall now be known as Don Quixote. His campaign is an exercise in vanity and futility.

    Does anybody really think he will be able to govern effectively on Beacon Hill?? Seriously … think about. How would Christy have done if he was squaring up against DiMasi or Travaligni?? All they’d need to do is buy Christy a canoli in the North End and he’d be puppy poop for the next four years.  

    Baker is it. Baker IS governor material. We all know it.

    Chisty is Massachusetts’ hybrid version of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

    Fin …  

  • For staying fair and balanced. I havent made my mind up yet about the Gov.’s race. Thanks for the info

  • Why do I have the feeling that in 2002 when Mitt swung back into the Bay State, all the Mass GOP rumpswabs tripped over each other trying to kiss Mitt’s Morman buttocks?

    Yet, here in 2009, when we have a near carbon copy of Mitt – Version 2002, everyone wants to treat the GOP primary as if its a difficult decision between Baker or Mihos?

    Romney ran in 2002 as a moderate, business focused Republican.

    Baker is doing the same for 2010. Why are some of you acting so skeptical?

  • When will we Republicans stop eating our own?  In deed – we have two very viable and ELECTABLE Republican candidates for Governor in Christy Mihos and Charlie Baker.  I have had the good fortune to have met them both and they BOTH would make inspiring leaders for the Commonwealth.  

    The very good news that comes out of the most recent poll is that BOTH MEN are making strides against an incumbent Democrat Governor in the bluest-of-the blue states, Massachusetts.

    Eventually, either Christy or Charlie will emerge as our candidate for next November’s Gubernatorial election.  Let’s stop burning those bridges, my friends.  

    We will need to pull together behind either Christy or Charlie.  

    And another thing: you just KNOW that the Dems are going to rally to replace our departed Senior Senator with another Liberal Democrat…if we Republicans are able to pull together behind one singularly qualified candidate and seat a Republican in the Senate the Dems will re-unite like never before to hold on to that Governor’s seat….it is all very dynamic at this point in time.  

  • BrocktonDave

    But he has done a few things in the last few weeks that are making that impossible.

    First, he wants to build a diesel power plant next to a school in one of the poorest sections of Brockton…  Like we need more stigma here.

    Second, he’s aligning himelf with some pretty dirty politics, like holding a free event at Campenelli Stadium the same night as a paid event for the MASSGOP in the same venue.  Nice…  Siphon off all those people.

    Mihos will lose Brockton, his home town because of the stance he chooses to take.