Kennedy Vacancy: The people should decide successor

I sent this letter to the editor out the other morning and it saw print today in at least the Herald News of Fall River.

Demand our legislators reject H656, an Act Relative to Filling a Temporary Vacancy in the United State Senate or any similar legislation. Following the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy this bill will be acted upon swiftly. Concerns for full and proper representation are legitimate. However, Gov. Deval Patrick should not appoint an interim senator. We, the people should decide.

Changing state law on this issue would be hypocritical. In 2004, the Democrat-dominated state Legislature removed interim appointment authority for then-Gov. Mitt Romney when it appeared that Sen. John F. Kerry may have become our next president. Five years ago, the state Legislature believed that filling any U.S. Senate vacancy was best achieved by electing, not selecting, the successor. Most of our legislators then are upon Beacon Hill today. Logic dictates that they must reject H656. Just say no to political gamesmanship. The honesty, integrity and sincerity of Massachusetts is at stake.

Brock N. Cordeiro


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