It Sure Is A Hot Day

Yes indeed-y. Sweltering!

And thanks to Obama, I am sitting indoors, nice and cool, enjoying the wonderful new central air conditioning system that “The One” had you help me pay for.

Thanks bunches guys. This is great.

Last year on days like this I had to go out back and try to find a shady spot to ride a day like this out, but this year I can just crank up the AC and relax while my electric meter spins away. It is well worth the few bucks for all those extra Kilowatts I am burning.

Maybe after things cool off a bit in a few days, I can look into cashing in on that “Clunkers” program and swap my rusty old pickup truck for 4500$ towards a nice new Hummer.

Ah well … think I’ll go make a nice hot cup of coffee and turn on the TV and hear about how hot it is.

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