Hypocrisy, Governor Patrick, and a Bunch of Liars

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“This is an elected position, not an appointed position, and there’s been a process that’s evolved over a period of time where I believe the people should vote and voice their opinions in situations of significance.” – Former Senate President Robert E. Travaglini, New York Times, 6/25/04

“(The bill) does take away from the governor a patronage plum, which apparently is one that at least the current governor seems to have fallen in love with.” – State Representative William Straus, then-House Chair of the Joint Committee on Election Laws, as reported by the Patriot Ledger, 6/30/04

“It’s a power grab for the voters.” – State Representative William Straus, when asked to respond to Republican accusations that the 2004 bill was a ‘Democratic power grab’, as reported by the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, 7/1/04

“This is a far more democratic approach.” – Senator Brian A. Joyce, then-Senate Chair of the Joint Committee on Election Laws, during debate on engrossing the special election bill, as reported by the State House News Service, 6/23/04

“Clearly there are politics at play no matter which side of the aisle you sit on. Clearly if we had a Democratic governor, the situation would be different. It is clear and unequivocal that it is more democratic to let the people vote rather than have one person make the appointment.” – Senator Brian A. Joyce, State House News Service, 6/23/04

“It is healthier to have the voters decide than to have the voters have no say and to have one person make an appointment to an extraordinary office in the direction of our Commonwealth and nation.” – Senator Brian A. Joyce, State House News Service, 6/23/04

“The overwhelming point here is the people ought to have the opportunity to check out the character of the people who will represent them in the Senate. We on the committee looked at whether we should have a temporary appointment in the event of an opening. If we were to allow that appointment, it would be wholly undemocratic and wholly unrepresentative of the majority of the people of Massachusetts.” – Senator Brian A. Joyce, State House News Service, 6/23/04

“The governor (Romney) is suggesting that he has the ability to make interim appointments. We’ve never had that. It’s simply not relevant language. There is nothing about making temporary appointments. Don’t you think that in the 200-year history, if the states had the ability to make temporary appointments, they would have done it?” – Senator Brian A. Joyce, State House News Service, 6/23/04

Anyone that has access to how rank and file Legislators voted on this change in 2004 should post the list. It will be interesting to see how many hypocrits are still in office.  

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