GOP Senate Nominee Open Thread w/ Poll.

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XXXXXX changed the name of the group “”Draft Senator Scott Brown to Run for Governor of Massachusetts”. ” to “”Draft Scott Brown for U.S. Senator””.….

Thank you facebook.  Well, we already knew Scott Brown wasn’t running for Governor based on his endorsement of Charlie Baker.  So, Scott Brown for Senator now?  Here are some of the Possibilities as I see them:

People who were previously Looking at LG:  US Senate is very tempting.  If you win, It’s a much better office than LG.  You get to keep your seat in the legislature if you lose.  You’d get to keep your US Senate seat for 3 years even if you lose re-election.  Even in a “worst case likely scenario” you raise your profile statewide and are set up for things down the road Joe Malone style.  Possibilities include Scott Brown, Karyn Polito and Paul Loscocco.  I’ll also thrown in Bob Hedlund here, even though I don’t think he was eying the LG spot.

County Officials:  These guys have a real local base to run from that is often much larger than a State Senate district.  If the people didn’t like them they would have lost to a Democrat already.  Possibilities include Tom Hodgson, Frank Cousins, Tim Cruz, and Brian Lees.  BTW:  I met Tom Hodson at the “Big Dartmouth RTC Thingy” and everyone down there loves this guy.

Paratroopers:  People who have never run for office before but are well known and have money.  Curt Schilling obviously comes to mind.  Andy Card is a local who could fundraise and campaign but is probably too closely tied to an unpopular former President.  I’ll throw in former GE CEO Jack Welch.  I don’t think he’s even a Republican, but we did it for Bloomberg.  Just for the potential of fun conversation I’ll also mention my fellow Republican, Aerosmith Guitarist Joe Perry.  Hey, it’s no dumber than Al Franken.

Retreads:  Anyone who has already won state wide has to take a good look at this.  Even if outdated name ID, fundraising lists, and contacts still remain in some form.  Possibilities include Paul Cellucci, Joe Malone, Kerry Healey, Jane Swift, Peter Torkildsen and Peter Blute.  I’ll Put Dan Grabauskas and Mike Sullivan here because I don’t have a better place.  Romney has already said he is out.

Never Was:  People who would like to be a United States Senator but never will.  Jeff Beatty, Jim Rappaport, Jack E. Robinson, The Sham-WOW! Guy and DD4RP.


The poll below is a multi-vote poll.  You can vote for as many of the following candidates as you like.  Bullet vote your favorite, vote for all the ones you find acceptable, whatever.  It’s up to you.

“Hey – you left out blah bliddy blue!!!!!”  Hey, well, that’s why it’s an open thread.  I am already prepared for y’all to start ripping this to shreds.

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