GOP calls on Transportation Secretary Aloisi to resign

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The Governor has canceled all forthcoming public hearings on a proposed MBTA fare hike. Ostensibly the Governor would like to review the findings of a commission headed by former Hancock CEO David “I love the Big Dig waste and corruption” D’Alessandro.

Meanwhile the state GOP is calling upon Transportation Secretary James “Big Dig Culturcrat” Aloisi to resign calling into question his trustworthiness. The always must-read James O’Sullivan of the State House News Service  has the latest dispatch.

Patrick told Transportation Secretary James Aloisi to postpone the hearings until after the outside panel, led by former John Hancock CEO David D’Alessandro, wraps up its probe, expected by Nov. 1, the establishment date of a transportation super-agency.

Republican legislative leaders on Tuesday called for Patrick to ask for Aloisi to resign or for the governor to fire him “for the negligence he has shown the taxpayers of the Commonwealth.” In a letter delivered to Patrick and obtained by the News Service, Senate and House minority leaders Richard Tisei and Bradley Jones charged Aloisi with “an epidemic of mismanagement” and a “consistent pattern of misinformation and fabrication.”

“We have no confidence that Secretary Aloisi will be able to productively manage the massive overhaul of the state’s transportation bureaucracy,” Tisei and Jones wrote.

The first 100 names in the Boston White pages would do a better job than Team Deval.

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    Boston – Gov. Deval Patrick on Tuesday shut down a series of heavily promoted public hearings on MBTA fare hikes until after an outside commission has completed its top-to-bottom review of agency finances and management, amid mounting opposition and the growing perception that his administration had advocated the increases – despite claims to the contrary.

    The move slows the T’s overtures toward 20-percent across-the-board ridership cost increases, and appears at least in part designed to quell controversy stemming from newly revealed administration support for the hikes.

  • WhatWouldReaganDo

    They cancelled ALL the public meetings after they’d scheduled them and notified people. T riders expected they’d have their voices heard, local elected officials in districts served by the T probably planned to attend and notified their constituents. Imagine if a Republican administration had done this? If Grabauskas had canceled the hearings–imagine the uproar it would’ve caused?

  • Howie’s column this morning was dead on – and the GOP should call for Aloisi’s ouster on a daily basis.

  • http://www.thecapitolviewlive….

    House Minority Leader Brad Jones spent some time with WCVB-TV’s Janet Wu earlier today, where among other things, they discussed why he and Senate Minority Leader Richard Tisei are calling for the resignation of Transportation Secretary Jim Aloisi.


  • There’s no doubt that Aloisi needs to go.

    But, I think it’s ironic that this call is being made by state legislators who have mismanaged their jobs too. Aren’t there like a half dozen GOP senators and under 20 GOP reps, and isn’t that less than we’ve hadd in a long time?  Talk about a failure to productively manage a massive overhaul of a broken system.

    I just think if we expect the GOP to pull off messages like this one effectively we could really use some better messengers.

  • Vote3rdpartynow