Gambling: It’s Baaaack!!!

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As I’ve previously stated, I’m rather liberatarian on this issue.  My main concern is local control and the principle of subsidiarity.  

The fact that Gov. Patrick tried to balance a budget on hypothetical casinos was utterly insane!

Heck, I wouldn’t mind seeing a 2014 or 2018 MassGOP State Convention here in New Bedford or elsewhere in the SouthCoast/Southeastern Mass thanks to a suitable casino provided auditorium.  It’s virtually impossible to even give passing consideration to holding a convention, or any other major event – political or not – here in in the region.

With gaming back atop the agenda this fall on Beacon Hill, there’s a flurry of activity among casino developers, landowners, politicians, and lobbyists, all of whom are looking ahead to what is likely to be the most friendly climate to date toward bringing casinos, and possibly slot machines, to Massachusetts.

Top lawmakers have yet to set dates for hearings, and they are mum on what form the debate may take. But with the issue possibly surfacing as early as next month, and with a powerful opponent of expanded gambling, former House speaker Salvatore F. DiMasi, now out of office, the race is on.

“I know there’s enough votes to do gaming this year,” said state Representative Brian Wallace, a South Boston Democrat and strong casino advocate. “I just don’t know what form it will be.”

“It looks like it will become a reality rather than just a conversation we have every couple of years,” said state Representative Todd Smola, Republican from Warren. “It’s a very, very divisive issue, the most divisive I’ve dealt with since being in the Legislature.”…

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