Don’t let them get away with it…!!!

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US Senator Edward M. Kennedy has met his maker and may God rest his soul.  I hope that we can all agree that we should pray for the repose of his soul & condolence of his family and friends.

I hope that we, as conservatives & Republicans, can agree that we cannot let liberal Democrats use the memory of Ted Kennedy to further a radical & hypocritical agenda.

There are 2 particular areas where I am gravely concerned.  No, I’m not exactly being a novel and creative thinker here but I refuse to lie down and conceed defeat when it comes to either the Senate vacancy or health care reform.

I woke up at 5:30 am to the sound of WBSM radio reporting the death of Senator Kennedy.  I posted my initial thoughts here at RMG and well, maybe some of you think that I’ve been a bit too kind in my tribute.  So be it.  I found some good in the man.  Ted Kennedy was not the sum of all evil but he was a man who did what he thought was best for our Commonwealth & our country.  I will not speak ill of the dead, especially when he hasn’t left this left even a full 24-hours.  That said, I can’t recall a single instance of philosophical or policy agreement.  Maybe there is some but I cannot recall it at this moment.  I woke up at 5:30 am and wrote my thoughts about Ted Kennedy.  However, during that time an SEIU organizer & former SouthCoast radio talk show host was already posting her thought on Facebook about winning one for the lion of liberalism.

My point here is simply this, let us respect Senator Kennedy.  Let us pray for those who are stricking in grief and in mourning.  However, let us not allow liberal Democrats to turn ObamaCare into KennedyCare.  Let us not allow the death of this individual to became our conservative Waterloo on either health care reform or the vacancy question.

No, let us rather redouble our efforts.  I am especially concerned with a potential movement to follow the last wishes of a dying man to hypocritically posture politically and turn a Commonwealth of laws into a a blatant corruption of base political opportunism.

Let us always be respectful & civil towards the memory of Senator Ted Kennedy and our friends on the other side of the isle.  Let us always stick true to our conservative Republican principles and stand up for what is right and just.

Liberal Democrats will try to make a martyr out of this man.  Do not let them manipulate the memory of the decased into a rallying cry for what we all know is wrong.  This sickens me today as it did when the Democrat Party tried to do the very same self-serving debacle over the death of Senator Paul Wellstone.

Health care is not perfect.  It has serious faults.  Our health care system needs fixing.  Yet, it is gravely wrong for the government to inject itself into the health care system and socialize it into a beast not yet known to mankind.  Whatever else may be good in health care reform, demand that the government option be defeated.  

We have effectively been without a US Senator for over a year and now we are officially without one.  We must have 2 Senators, and as soon as possible.  That being the case, let us demand that Governor Deval Patrick immediately call for a swift & speedy election.  Demand that there are no games and delays.  Stand up & fight any effort to rig the rules and change the playing field in the middle of the game.  Just say say HELL NO to H656 – Rep. Bob Koczera’s bill to permit Deval Patrick to install a handpicked interim US Senator.  After all, if the Democrats were right in 2004 then let them live by their rules in 2009.  It’s funny that the party named of the people is scared of the people!

May God shine His eternal light upon Ted Kennedy and may the Lord grant His divine peace unto His child.  Let us pledge to let Edward M. Kennedy rest in peace and NOT become a political pawn of liberal Democrats to achieve their naked agenda!

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