Dartmouth GOP BBQ Videos – Moe Lauzier (Mihos), Dr. Gerry Dembrowski, Charlie Baker and others

I’d like to thank Brock Cordeiro for putting together an amazing program for last nights Dartmouth Republican Town Committee BBQ.  As Ken Pittman said, last year all they needed was a six pack and a few burgers to feed everybody, this year there were over 200 people there.  It’s a testament both to Brock and the general intensity of activity on our side that this event was a success.  I will be posting throughout the day videos of the speakers in the order in which they appeared.  First up is Moe Lauzier speaking on behalf of Christy Mihos.  Christy was unable to attend the BBQ.

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  • Dembrowski may end up being a tier 2 candidate, but he’s not a tier 3 candidate.  Sometimes people just put their name on the ballot and don’t do anything.  He’s actively campaigning for governor.  He’s showing up everywhere and making his case to the voters.

    You sometimes here the following from people about candidates like Dr. Dembrowski:  “I didn’t vote for him, but I like him.  I hope he runs for something else in the future.”

    Kudos for the party organization for treating him right.  He’s given an opportunity to make his case just like the other candidates.  Giving all candidates the respect they deserve helps prevent some of the party infighting.  It also encourages people to run within Republican primaries instead of running as 3rd party candidates.  That mentality is good for all of us.

  • It’s nice to see we’re going to have a primary this election cycle. Mass GOP has to embrace the principles that made this country great. Free market competition. I like Dembrowski’s constitutional tone but Mihos has got the experience that proves he’ll stand up against the status quo and he’s not afraid to be right. Baker’s just more of the same old GOP, safe boring and plactic. Christy has a real connection with the people at the same time he’s got the experience and knowledge to take back beacon hill. Dembrowski could make a good Lt. Gov.