Dartmouth GOP BBQ – THANK YOU!!!

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On behalf of the Dartmouth Republican Town Committee I want to thank everyone who attended our Annual Summer BBQ.  A special thank you has to go out to all those loyal RMG readers, from across the Commonwealth, who showed up to make our event a smashing success!

Indeed, we had the largest crowd – EVER – with an estimated attendance of over 200 people! It was great to be able to reach out to so many people. I think the Custom Styrofoam Cups were a fantastic idea for this kind of event.  

I hope that the video taken by our own EaBo Clipper came out well so that we can all view it here on RMG.

I want to thank, in no particular order & from memory so I apologize if I leave anyone out: MassGOP Chairman Jennifer Nassour, Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson, Senator Scott Brown, House Minority Leader Brad Jones, House Assistant Minority Leader George Peterson, Earl Henry Sholley for Congress, Moe Lauzier representing Christy Mihos for Governor, Dr. Gerry Dembrowski for Governor, Charlie Baker for Governor, several State Committee members from across the Commonwealth, Geoffrey Diehl for State Rep (who roasted me to much applause & amusement), Shaunna O’Connell for State Rep., & Brett Shetzsle for State Rep for attending.  We also had several municipal candidates from across the SouthCoast & beyond in attendance.  Again, I apologize to anyone who I failed to list!

I also want to thank Phil Paleologos, chairman of the New Bedford GOP for being our Master of Ceremonies and Ken Pittman of WBSM 1420 AM for allowing me to promote the event (along with Phil as Ken’s guest host).  Thank you to my own Dartmouth Republican Town Committee for all their hard work – and especially our hosts Dartmouth GOP Chairman John Haran & Janine Simmons!  I can’t forget to thank our bartender, Dartmouth GOP member Bob Gauvin & our check-in workers Janet Doe of the Dartmouth GOP & Scott Fernandes who helped us out despite being a Fairhaven GOP member!  Oh yes, thanks also to Fairhaven GOP members Shannon Joyal & Jay Simmons who helped be our food runners!!!  I’m sure that I’m leaving some others out but it’s inadvertant & I apologize!

Finally, I want to thank YOU…EVERY Massachusetts Republican who took an evening out to come on down to Dartmouth and enjoy our hospitality.  THANK YOU and let’s do it again next year!!!


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