Curt Schilling Endorses Charlie Baker

On his blog, Tuesday July 28, 2009, former Red Sox Ace Curt Schilling endorsed Charlie Baker.

In a day and age when it feels like there is no politician alive you can trust as far as you can throw, it’s exciting as hell to hear this news;

I’ve known Charlie for about 5 years now, and I’ll state right up front I have not dug into his policies, or his agenda, but the one thing I do know is he’s a man of his word, and a man of integrity. Two things that are too often left off others resumes.

So while he may stand for some things, or done some things I don’t agree with, like I said I need to do some homework, I’ll vote for him. I’ll vote for him because he’s someone that has always appealed to me as being out for the greater good above all else.

This state is in dire need of exactly that right now.

It will be fun seeing Curt on the local campaign trail.

Hat tip:Jessica Fargen, Boston Herald

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