Charlie Baker Opposes Senate Appointment Law Change

State House News is reporting that Republican Gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Ted Kennedy’s request to change a law he asked to be created five years ago.

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Baker checked in last night on a topic that dominated the news all day – Sen. Edward Kennedy’s request that the Legislature pass a special law allowing a temporary gubernatorial appointee to be named to the Senate in the five or six months preceding a special election.

Baker, in a statement released to the News Service, said he opposed changes to 2004 law establishing the special election process and removing the governor’s appointment power.

“I believe Legislature made the right decision in taking the power away to choose a United States Senator from the Governor five years ago. While I respect Senator Kennedy’s longstanding service, the voters have the right to choose their elected officials, regardless of the circumstances,” Baker said in his statement

I think Mr. Baker is correct on this issue.  What say you?

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