Biden Does It Again

The gaffemaster is back:…

In Biden’s speech this morning, the vice president made two of his trademark gaffes. Trying to find hope in the not-as-bad-as-expected news about the gross domestic product falling just one percent, Biden said, “Less good is not good, but less good is better than worse.” After laughter, he corrected himself: “When I say ‘less good,’ I mean ‘less bad.'”

A second mistake, he blamed on the speech-writers:

That’s why I’m happy to announce today that I’ve charged two members of my recovery cabinet” he started to say. “I said ‘my.’ I misspoke. They’re Barack’s cabinet,” he said, to laughter.

“I’m authorized to call meetings, They’re kind enough to do what I ask. They’re part of this recovery team. That’s why they put in the speech ‘my.’ It ain’t mine.”

Less good better than worse … er OK.

BTW: This fellow has created a compilation of Biden’s greatest at “Joe Biden Said That”

The country is in the best of hands.

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