You know…even Joe Biden gets it

Well apparently the OBAMA administration is going to have to start sending Joe Biden to places without electricity if they want him to stop saying whatever pops into head.  Has anyone else noticed that anytime old Joe says something out of line with the admin they ship him halfway around to the world to keep him busy ?

Joe has apparently gotten a dose of reality on the economy and true to form, isn’t being shy about sharing it.…

In an interview on ABC News’ This Week, Vice President Joe Biden said that although the Administration relied on consensus economic forecasts in crafting its economic stimulus package, the White House erred in its assumption about the unemployment rate. Biden said, “The truth is, we and everyone else misread the economy. The figures we worked off of in January were the consensus figures in most of the blue chip indexes out there. … No one was talking about that we would be moving towards — we’re worried about 10.5 percent, it will be 9.5 percent at this point. … We’re much too high.” The remarks were tepidly reported by news wires and print sources, which also noted congressional criticism. The AP reports Republican congressional leaders “expressed disappointment about the impact of stimulus spending,” while Biden “cited the economic conditions inherited from the Bush administration.”

Faced with unemployment higher than their best minds anticipated, he took the predictable and monotonous tactic….Blame Bush.

Note, the article also again speaks of the possibility of a second stimulus plan.

I take the same position on this as I do Deval’s idea to propose a graduated tax….Please do, by all means, I’m begging you.

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