Torkildsen for Treasurer

(Formatting edited for space. – promoted by DD4RP)

Peter G. Torkildsen,

  • A man who never hid from being a moderate Republican, but has always been fiscally conservative.
  • A man who is a numbers policy wonk, and for a State Treasurer, that is what we want.
  • A man who served as Party Chairman inheriting $160,000 of debt and no Republican Governor. He retired about $100,000 worth of debt before leaving that office. A man who is nothing if not likable.
  • A man who beat an incumbent for State Rep, being out spent 6 to 1.
  • A man who won a Congressional seat in Massachusetts twice and has name recognition. And someone who will turn out North Shore votes to help all state wide candidates.
  • Even if you dont like where he stands on social issues, this office isn't about that.

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